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This game is a really fun puzzler that has some adorable pixel art. Good job!

Help, I don't know how to play this. I pack fish but I always end up with a low score and a couple of fish outside the packing area.

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It’s primarily about organization, but there’s a bit of chance in there as well, you get a lot more points for completely filling the box, but it’s not guaranteed that the next fish will fit the space you have. You need to decide if it’s worth the risk to try and completely fill the box, or bail out and ship an incomplete box

I get it now (senior moment at 40). There is a state where things get stuck, when there is a new fish picked up with no place to put. The game just doesn't let you do anything with it. Like retrying the level, or putting the fish back on the plate.

Great game, but i recently opened the game and all my progress was gone, scores and stars included. do you have an idea of what happened?

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That’s odd, did you use the browser version? If so, I can only assume the cartridge data resets with your browser cache or cookies.

There isn’t a way to get your scores back, but you can hold Left Right and C on the title screen to unlock all the levels

I was playing on browser, thanks for the tip!

this game is so much fun! i would love a custom game where you can choose the background, the conditions, and the grid size!


Thanks for playing! Allowing for a custom rules gamemode isn’t actually something I’ve considered!

Nice graphics and all, but I can't tell if I did everything right or wrong :/

I've started over and I think now I understand what I actually have to do and what not to do

the amount of satisfaction when you get a perfect fit is just absolutely palpable

This game was a lot of fun. It really makes you think about how to organize all the fish in the boxes. Keep it up! 


I adore the graphics! Gorgeous game... The game is fun, although it can be very RNG driven which sometimes sucks.