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A little romp through an old city to gaze upon the moons


Cursor keys/WASD - move
X - jump
Enter - menu

Ctrl + L to load a save

1 - 4 to change window size
5 - 7 to toggle filters
0  to toggle sounds

Hold the jump button in an air stream to go even higher

Keep in mind that there are some bugs! 

Made in 3 weeks by ZahranW and KingW for MVM14

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
AuthorsZahranW, KingW
Made withPyxel Edit, Clickteam Fusion, Tiled
TagsAtmospheric, Cats, Metroidvania
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)


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Moonlit postjam build 2.5.zip 34 MB
Moonlit postjam build 2.4.zip 34 MB
Moonlit postjam build 2.3.zip 34 MB
Moonlit postjam build 2.2.zip 34 MB
Moonlit jam build 2.1.zip 34 MB

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Getting softlocked is sad :(  The game is quite beautiful and fun otherwise, though!

Thank you. I wish I had the time and energy to go back and fix all the issues


I found a lot of bugs! 

A lot of the time I can dash into walls and end up past them inside the wall.

If I ctrl+L back to my save during a chase the spider appears in the next room I go to and follow me until I go to a room that supposed to have a spider in it.

And when there's the thingies you can cloak through on the edges of rooms, when I cloak through them I get stuck and have to ctrl+L my way back to my save (this glitch is how I discovered the above glitch).

Also the text box thing is happening to me where it overflows and I can read it.

And is the umbrella supposed to do anything, because from what I can read from the description it's supposed to act like the gun, but I can't throw it.

(1 edit) (+1)

I may try and see if I can fix the issues with the Cloak and the Debug Ctrl+L function. Due to the game’s internal framework, not much can be done regarding the text issue.

(Oh, and no the umbrella doesn’t do anything)

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I just finished, amazing game! Man, you did a GREAT job. Thanks for this cute and excellent game :D

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I played back around in 2.2. I got craving to finish / touch this again a longish while later aka now. I just stumbled into Umbrella and I have many abilities. (Then did save saving and updated to 2.4) Any Idea where I go / what I do? My notes don't help me in a direction next to go.

Image of my inventory below.

I got 3/4 SM

I think the Star Matter most people forget about (or don’t encounter at all, because it’s quite out of the way) is to the top right of the ventilation area.

(6 edits)

I think its one of the others I missed.

Spot I checked from your direction below.

More detail of spot below

I did talk to the statue.

Then the only other obscure one would be in the City’s Edge area (It’s a broken statue). The other statues are in the north and south of the central city area respectively.

I think I’m soft locked? I got the double jump, went and turned on the vent fans and now I can’t leave this area or jump far enough to reach the 2 vents that could take me higher :/

Can you send a screenshot of the room you’re in?


its hard to know where you die, or where you can go, or what you can do


I really liked the overall atmosphere of this game. It's one of those games where you can just relax and play peacefully. I would definitely recommend it to others.


yay finally got to see the moon:))

btw, i'm  really curious about the eight computers part, may i have a tiiiiiiny hint or sth?

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Thanks for playing, and congrats on seeing the moons!

Here’s a hint:

Beyond the western ventilation, A room where no light can reach.

(Note that if you’ve ever visited the reactor in the city area, you should have all the information you need)

thanks^^  is the shiny item in that dark room a clue for the computer puzzle?


I wouldn’t call it a clue, but it is indeed the next step to the computer puzzle

awesome thanks! it's so tricky to get through the dark lol

A really cool game, i had a good time playing. The atmosphere created by the 8 bit music and monochrome centered graphics is incredibly good. This game is more dificult than the others i played from you, but i think you achieved the balance: it's too hard to just rush through the game, but it's not hard enough to make people angry. I didnt encounter any major bug. The map system is a bit hard to use but it just adds to the challenge! 10/10

Thanks for playing. Yea the map isn’t the most useful unfortunately

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The game is really cool, I like the progression options :double, jump, map etc ...

I had to use software to remap my controller because with an Xbox controller you can't open the option/map.

I like it, but it has some negative points ... first even with a map, it's a maze ... maybe if you had the save location it can help. I 'm really confuse by how the different level are linked, there is no indications on the map ...

What the different items do ? nothing is explain ...

I really enjoy the first hours, but now, I do some back and forth at random.. I'm completely lost  and now, pleasure giving way to frustration ... I  hate when I have no idea what to do in a game . where is the fun ???

I've some bugs, I know it's hard to fix them, sometimes you're stuck, just reload the last save.

Like the Necrow, the idea is very good, the graphics, the music, everything is amazing, but it's too confusing, the die and retry pissing me of. There is also no walktrouh. Where we find the code ?? Why I need a soluce to finish the game ? I 've spend 3 hours to round in circle...

ps : the air flow is unbearable to control ...

How I'm suppose to take this ? Is the item is inessential ?

When I manage to go on the left, I just fall over and over and die ...

(4 edits) (+1)

Pretty much every glitch is known about and will likely be fixed in the future. Though odd that you couldn’t open the map on Xbox controller, since that’s what I used to test controller input. All items that are just displayed as sparkles are optional. I’m aware of the map issue, but due to the way the game is structured not much can be done about it, here’s a bit of a walkthrough:

・Get star matter from lower city  statue
・Obtain double jump in lower city
・Get star matter from upper city  statue
・Turn on fans in ventilation
・Get to lower engines using vents from upper city
・Obtain phase bell in lower engines
・Use phase bell in lower city
・Get star matter from city's edge statue
・Enter upper engines from city's edge
・Shift barricade positions
・Get to lower engines from upper engines
・Obtain cloak shield in lower engines
・Get star matter from ventilation statue (using shield)
・Return to upper engines (either from city's edge of lower engines)
・Take the elevator to summit```

Thanks, it help me , a little ...  Maybe you can post a walktrought, it can help many person. 

Despite all this, I think I will give up, it's to confusing, and I 'm tired to wander.

Congratulation for all your work, those games should have more visibility and don't have what they deserve (maybe because of the problems that we are pointing ?)  Hope to see them on steam on day :)

Would you like to collab?

Really enjoyed the mood, the jumping puzzles and escape sequences. I've almost given up at one point, but managed to get to the end after investing almost 2 hours on my gameplay. Luckily I encountered only small bugs that weren't game breaking.

Glad you were able to play all the way though with minimal bugs. What was that point what was giving you so much trouble?

At the very end, where I needed the last fourth shrine. I even got it once, but I died before saving and I was confused if that was really the "thing" that I needed to collect. The game doesn't explain that you loose the item after you die. Don't get me wrong - it does makes perfect sense, but I just kinda forgot about it ^^"
Because of it, I traversed the map few times and managed to get the "Notes" item with binary code, which made me super proud :D


charming style & music! came here from Warp Door!

is there anything you need to do with the 8 computer with the ones and zeros ? i can't seem to do much else so i think i'm stuck :[

The 8 computers puzzle is optional, what was the last thing you did? (turn on fans, get an upgrade, etc.)

the last thing i did was go thru the edge again where i got the brick and either the luna dial or the sun thing, i don't remember.

From the edge you go to upper engines and shift the barricades. If you did that, you should be able to enter lower engines from the entrance in city to progress further. No need to worry about items outside of star matter, they’re just collectables

thank you !

Made a video

Really fun and cute Metroidvania. Keep up the great work! 

Where is the 4th star matter?

I have 2 from the lower city. One from somewhere else (can't remember). Found another shrine in the City's Edge with "unnamed" I .can't remember if that was the one I got another piece from.

Does the Umbrella actually do anything? 

Inventory items in general I'm not sure if some of them are just collectibles or quest items.

There is one statue in vents and one in the city’s edge (if you’ve already collected the star matter the god statue wont emit particles, seems like you’ve already gotten the city’s edge one) Invintory items are just collectables.

Thanks so much. The one in Vents was it...completely forgot about the barrier getting moved.

Fantastic pretty much everything. Spider chases were a little brutal but eventually passed them. They seemed a little random in terms of their behavior. I happened to get lucky when one got stuck for a little while.

Best of luck in the Jam!

just finished it, i did not expect an almost 3 hours game, it's also really good!


the spider respawns if i leave the room, even if i already got it


This is a known bug that will be fixed in the post jam version of the game


you're saying this arachnid that you've already met is a known bug?

hehe, the problem is that once you put him in your pocket, he’ll respawn anyway when reloading the room and you can put him in your pocket again

the spider chased me to the save room..

This is also a known bug that will be fixed in the post jam version of the game

(2 edits)

As far I have gotten everything has been really well polished, although exploration was sometimes a little confusing.

I cannot get past the spider chase in the Engine area. I've tried it around 30 times. Not sure if I am missing an item (like the cloak) or I'm just not quick enough.

Edit- Finally got past the spider in the Engine. That was brutal. I'm now going round in circles so I'll think I'll wait until there is a walkthrough available.

Great stuff!

So far great game, but I seem to be stuck. I just turned on ventilation and I can't seem to get out of it, or progress in any direction. (I found the chat message as well)

You should be able to get out by using the fans to explore the upper half of vents. (It’s not explained, but you can hold the jump button to be propelled higher)

Thanks, that's what I was missing. Just finished the game, and I gotta say, it's my favorite out of the MVM14 games I've played so far! Would be cool to see more.

Hm, I beat the game but I am not sure if I missed something or not.
I seem to have gotten everything except the item in the top row, third from the right. there is still an empty slot.
Or was that the good old gun ?

And thanks for the cake ;-)


That last item is just very very well hidden

This sure is a cool game, I currently just shifted the barricades, will take me still quite some time to find everything there is :-)

How to softlock:
get the gun
throw it over the gap
jump into the light.

you will get respawned in the area before the enemies which have now respawned and you cant escpae in the other direction either. aka soft locked :-)


Also most of the text boxes are too small for the actual text, so half the text is cut off or not shown.Might wanna make those text boxes of dynamic length or just longer in general :-)

Can you send a screenshot of this? It seems to render fine for those who playtested

See? Basically every time where the text is more than 3 lines, the lower part of that third text line is cut off. Cant say  why though, jsut unzipped the stuff and ran the exe. maybe its cause I am playing it in the small player and not in fullscreen?

I have no idea what could be causing that, it appears that the font is sized differently on your end

Hm,  I use 90% scaling isntead of the usual 100% on my computer.
But no game ever really cared about this, so not sure if it might be that or not


Same thing happens for me


I can’t seem to replicate this

hm, would have to do a  new game to retry that one (with the softlock). but I dont really wanna lose my savegame.
if possible, I'll try to do it, but no promises there

huh, guess that was jsut my computer being weird there with the gun topic. Just retried it and this time, upon light beam induced suicice, I respawned at the gun location and had the gun again (vs before where I respawned there without the gun).

the text box thing is still there though, even happeneing in that gun throwing "cutscene".