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Take photos on a trip through the woods 

Mushrooms are involved

There are a few bugs

Gameplay controls

Dpad Cursor keys/WASD

System controls

Resize window1-7
Toggle Audio-
Change colorsSpace

Controllers are supported

Does the game run on an actual Gameboy? No, it's only a windows game made to seem like a Gameboy game.

Why can't I go full screen? Due to some engine limitations, the game requires capturing a pixel perfect scale of the game to output proper images, which full screen does not guarantee.

The audio doesn't sound very Gameboy-like... All the audio (Music/Sounds) was made using LSDj, a music tracker that runs on real Gameboy hardware!

I'm lost, is there a guide?  Aside from information provided in the README file, there is no in-game guide. While many aspects of the game were streamlined to make it a more accessible, easier ride, it is not expected of you find everything the game has to offer.
A general rule of thumb is once you've removed an anchor, the way to progress is usually in the crossroads.


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Floating Frame v1.21.zip 42 MB
Floating Frame v1.20.zip 42 MB
Floating Frame v1.09.zip 42 MB
Floating Frame v1.08.zip 42 MB
Floating Frame v1.07.zip 42 MB
Floating Frame v1.06.zip 42 MB

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Is there anything after the fourth anchor?

One of two endings

Can I have a hint? I'm at 41 unique pictures, with the complete 'set'.

If you have all 3 set photos, pulling out the anchor in the crossroads area should fade to black (otherwise fading to white). Afterwards in moth cases, an ending sequence should be triggered.

I can't get the fade to black to happen, even on new playthroughs.

Ah, it only fades to white then? What version are you running


This is a really, really REALLY good GB-like game, the gameplay is amazing, I was expecting a very basic "camera to see things that are not there" mechanic just based on the title and premise; What I got instead was a fullblown game with different mechanics, a nice variety of music, beautiful array of maps and enemies.

I didn't get to finish the game because I got stuck in different places a lot (maybe that's something you want to take a look at) and sadly the time I can dedicate to each indie game is limited, even to great ones like this, but I did love every single second, from discovering the mechanics, to the fun boss battles and the little bits of lore scattered around the mysterious and confusing landscape.

Keep the good work!


very relaxing little game, i enjoyed it a lot so far <3 and im in love with the visuals and the exploration aspect of the game ^^ great job!